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Ironically, just after writing a post about time-related stress at Launch School I had my first time shortage during the LS181 written assessment. Though not embarrassing, the overall experience was humbling and has caused me to reflect a bit on what I could change for future assessments. Maybe some of my thoughts can help you better manage time during Launch School assessments.

What went wrong

Oddly enough, I actually completed most of the questions with about 20 minutes to spare. The real issue is the fact that I skipped two questions that were taking me more time to understand than I thought necessary…

Like many other students, Launch School’s self-paced curriculum was one of the reasons I decided to start studying there. After finally earning a bachelor’s degree and landing a full-time job, I assumed that Launch School would be the perfect way for me to settle down and learn the core principles of Software Development in a stress-free environment. Besides, I can study at whatever pace I want, right? With few other obligations I can grind away for the next few years, no problem! I thought that with time removed from the equation, I could actually take part in mastery-based learning. …

Caleb R Smith

GIS Analyst, Launch School Student

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